Wednesday, 26 March 2014


This is the easiest way to bring some new life into your sweater. It'll cost you next to nothing and the only catch is that it is a little time consuming. This aside, you'll end up with a really nice garment and if your revamping a piece you already have then its a win win! I found it quite therapeutic to sit and hand stitch in front of an episode of Towie or even on the tube (yeah maybe not in rush hour but it was a good time killer when going to my boyfriends at the other end of the line!).
So, it's super simple, but for those of you who aren't really sewers, here's how.....

You will need your sweater (you could get a super cheap one from Primark or H&M), some beads (these were 60p a bag or x2 for £1 in one of the many haberdashery shops along Walthamstow highstreet), a pair of scissors, a ruler and some thread. Make sure the thread is as close in colour to the garment as possible (the thread in my picture was actually just one I had to hand for the pic, I used a paler grey for this jumper).

Lay the jumper out on a clean flat surface and with your ruler mark out, with equal distance, each point where you want your beads to be along the centre of the sleeve. Start from the edge of the cuff. You can just use a pencil or a biro. I didn't have a ruler to hand so I had to use the width of my three fingers together.

You'll start with that first central row sewing the beads to the points you have marked out. 
Firstly, thread your needle. You want it to be double thread and you double knot both ends of the thread together. Start from the inside of the sleeve, pull through to your marked dot and then through the hole of the bead. Stitch back down into the fabric and then up again. Stitch through the bead a few times like you would with a button and then when it feels nice and secure, finish with a double/triple knot on the inside of the sleeve.

Here is why it is time consuming; because they are small beads and they're not positioned too closely to the next, after each bead, you will need to do a knot and then snip the thread rather than jumping with from bead to bead. If your like me and wear lots of jewellery you'll get it caught on the threads inside, pull or snap them and then gradually all the beads will fall off.

I did the next bit by eye but i'd recommended using the ruler still to make sure it's precise.
Either side of the central line of beads mark out your next rows to run parallel, again, with equal distance between each bead. If you started the central row from the edge of the cuff and your beads are 5cm apart from each other, start the row next to the central row 2.5cm's in from the cuff. It's up to you how close you want the lines of beads to be from each other.

Keep going until both sleeves are complete! And that's it!....You'll end up with this....