Tuesday, 18 March 2014


This might sound strange, but when people have asked me who my style icons are, quite often Eastenders Pat Butcher will pop into my mind. I've always had an appreciation for a garish garment and the challenge/fun that comes with styling it.

My favourite pair of earings came from a vintage store in L.A that they actually just gave to me when they saw me admiring them in the cabinet. I thought it was my lucky day and I wore them to death!

So you see, Pat is a girl after my own heart. She understands the power of a statement earing. Simple black dress, POW! not anymore. Jeans and t-shirt, just a pair of massive earings makes them fabulous!

She also has the eye for a really nice big furry coat, and living in london, thats what most people see you in most of the time!
And then theres the leopard (not real of course). But I'll never get enough of leopard....think I'm starting to see it as a neutral! .....Pat knows.