Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Ok so this has been going on for a while now... the scrunchie was sneaking on to catwalks since, Ashish's SS13 show that was full of em http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/spring-summer-2013/ready-to-wear/ashish and i still think that show still looks super fresh, so when the sunshine peaked out this weekend I had to make a quick scrunchie... this takes 5 mins I promise!

get ya sewing machine out and find a scrap of fabric and some skinny elastic...
OK... cut a strip of fabric, doesn't have to be too straight all the sides will be bagged, about 40cm long

and about 15cm wide

quick wizz down the edge sewing the long sides together
turn him inside out so you got ya nice print on the outside, and cut a bit of elasic about half the length of the fabric... hold the elasic together and pretend its a hair band see if its stretchy enough

sew the elastic together with a few zig zags backwards and forward (don't catch the fabric in here)
turn the edges together and hand stitch round folding in any loose threads
and would you believe it