Thursday, 20 February 2014

Can someone please open one of these….. SMASH!

So its been a bit of a shitty week at work and on the bus home this evening I found myself in a bit of a day dream…. Slightly guilty not very secret secret I am pretty obsessed with Pretty Little Liars… yes its kind of terrible TV but can't help it, love it. I found myself thinking about this scene where one of the girls has a rubbish date and her mum takes her to this place where you can smash plates… sounds simple… is simple… I wanna smash some plates, how fun would this be!!! 

So please will someone open a plate smashing place, or else this Greek restaurant looks pretty fun!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


So on Sunday Them Daze pulled ourselves out of bed and trekked threw the grey and rainy city to Olympia way out west in the hope of seeing some exciting new brands collections at Pure tradeshow. 

I’m not going to lie the initial look was slightly terrifying the halls are massive and anyone who has been to these big shows before knows if you don’t focus you can get lost in a spiral of confusion… do I love it… do I hate it I have no idea!!! So we set our tactical route and set off… and we discovered a few special pieces that we fell in love with.  Hear is our TOP 5 FAVEs…

In no particular order….

Scottish brand Gibson & Birkbeck...  There collection was simple and cohesive focusing mainly on 2 styles of shirt, one long and one short sleeved and the exciting bit came from the prints.  We are always suckers for a cute print and if it includes animals then we are sold… check out the birdies <3

Amadoria, custom made jewellry, these reminded us of being a kids again, friendship bracelets vibes… I’m sure I used to have boxes and boxes of these tiny little beads that I never managed to do much more than tip over on the floor, these guys worked wonders tho. Stand out piece for us was the All Seeing Eye.
Helen Moore Lux faux fur collection… so furry!!! So soft, I fell in love with the Giant Muff!!!! Never thought I would say that! Not only a lovely warm fluffy muff for keeping your hands toasty, it also has a sneaky zip inside (sneaky drinks into the pub maybe…) And all there gear is made in the UK even down to every piece being brushed after making to ensure that its at its fluffiest!
The Feather Tree, this is a brand that works with a team in Kenya to make a small collection of garments using African fabrics.  And they also customize shell suits… yes SHELLSUITS tracksuits are done, bring back the highly flammable highly colourful shell suit…
And our final find of the day was Triple7 a fab bag brand based out of LA but with offices in europe... they had a mix of styles all with a twist, the kinda place that does bags for every tricky occasion you could think of, another firm favorite.
Massive respect and thanks to all the people who show at these things we hope you get trillions of orders xxx

Friday, 7 February 2014


We LOVE cats at THEM DAZE so you can imagine our excitement when we heard this had actually happened!....London's first ever cat cafe!

I'm sure i'm not alone when I say my London flat is tinyyyyy! and would be no fun home for a little furry friend! What with living up high, no spare cash for massive vet bills and sometimes not being home for days, this is one relationship i will have to put off for a while!
But thanks to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium this no longer feels like such a far away dream! They've made it possible for young city livers to chill out with a cup of tea, a nice piece of cake and get no local pet shop owners irritable cluttering up their aisles in the meanwhile!

I remember a while back there was talk of this place and fund raising to make it happen was going on. So i'm really happy to hear that they did it. Amazing idea and we cant wait to go review it for you guys!

Here are some cats that you'll get to meet when you go there!!...

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Thursday night I found myself at the 'MTV Brand New' music night in Islington. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the whole thing but what I was able to catch was pretty good....

First up was Kwabs, Ghanaian born, raised in the UK, his music is dark, soulful and inspiring. Im really looking forward to hearing more from this man. Unfortunately my live videos didn't want to upload but you can check them on our instagram but heres a tiny taster of his....

Have a proper listen here...

Then there was 20 year old Londoner Joel Compass.

He's written music with Rita Ora and produced a track for John Legend. He's got a sexy smooth sound and the younger ladies will definitely love him!

Check his website for more info, music, social media etc...