Thursday, 23 January 2014


So this weekend I needed a place to meet my mums friend and have a catch up.  In Kings Cross.... HELP I don't know anywhere in Kings Cross.... Or do I?  I vaguely remembered a cute cafe I had been to a while ago, and when I dug around the brain I remembered
Its a super cute space doing exactly what it says on the door, you can eat... Which i did until I was feeling a bit sick because everything was so gooood (I had lentil and hallomi salad and then a slice of cake that was bigger than my head)
There is also a little shop space at the front that sells bits and bobs, cute little cards and jewellery by local artists.  As well as old fashioned sweet shop and AND you can buy any of the furniture that is in the cafe.... I fell in love with the old formica fold down tables (they are so cute 50s style table that can flap up or down... which would be perfect for my new flat that is smaller than small... but more about that at another time!)
 and if that was not enough they do fun evenings and learning things to do.... embroidery and crafty bits... its my friends hen party soon and I am heavily leaning on the hens to organize coming hear!!!

So the round up...