Friday, 3 January 2014


How was the launch party for your first line from The Crickett?
It was jokes, a lot of drinks obviously. It was great to do the party together with Good Years, always good tunes, people and vibes!

What was your journey / How did you get to this point today?
I always wanted to put some graphics onto t shirts, I had the same ideas for years but it feels right to do it right about now. 
I’m not a graphic design professional by any means, I guess it’s got to this point through working alongside friends I’ve met along the years. 

What inspired this range?
Crickett aesthetic is inspired by Suburban London.

What will you be doing in the future?
Doing more work,  staying busy!

Who wears your clothes?
People with a good style and attitude. And appreciate a good t -shirt / graphic t -shirt in their wardrobe.

What do girls look good in? girl style crush?
Girls look good in clothes they wear for themselves and not for men. Thats very attractive. 
Victoria Beckham is on point!

Who’s style do you admire / labels you like?
My favourite best dressed people tend to be my favourite music artists,  and people I have met from working in London based stores.
I hate paying full price for things, I always try and get a little squeeze whenever I can.  I think that’s the case for anyone working with clothes. 
From working at DSM I got a lot of things from Comme des Garcons, I still wear a lot Bathing Ape. I like Uni-qlo and Cos on the High St.

Do you have any fave blogs? if so which ones?
I check this blog called Upscale Hype a lot, a fashion blog that is like the Daily Mail online meets World Star Hip Hop. 

Where can we find your clothes?

Crickett is available at the Hideout Store W1 and at